No Jennifer Brown Was Not Endorsed by Trump for Chairman

Screen shot of the campaign email

An acquaintance from Virginia’s 6th Congressional District received a campaign email and request for donations from candidate for Chairman Jennifer Brown recently. They were surprised to see the email claiming an endorsement by the “Trump Campaign” as the very first claim in the email and shared it with us for scrutiny. If that endorsement were true, it would certainly be a big deal for Brown. It is, however, false.

Screen shot of the actual letter

A copy of her “endorsement” letter shows she and 5 other 6th District Republicans were endorsed as a group of delegates to the Republican National Convention by Nicholas Trainer who is a Trump campaign Director.

One can certainly understand why she would want to be endorsed by President Donald Trump. It seems that in the absence of an actual endorsement for chairman, she opted to mislead the delegates about the endorsement.

No doubt, she would likely defend herself by saying she didn’t specifically say the endorsement was for chairman, but look at the facts. The email does not identify her as a candidate for delegate to the national convention. It specifically refers to her candidacy for chairman saying, “Re-Elect Jennifer Brown, Chair Sixth Congressional District”Below the Endorsement claim is a list of “Proven Results” which are the “Accomplishments” posted on her chairman campaign website.

It would appear to the average person the endorsement mentioned was related to Brown’s campaign for chairmen and based on what we see, we conclude that was the intent.

We strongly condemn this kind of misleading campaigning in the GOP as everyone should. No, Jennifer Brown has not been endorsed by Trump as candidate for Chairman.