Did Jennifer Brown Participate in Ballot Shredding?

Potential delegates to the 2020 6th District Republican Convention are reporting that they have received calls from Jennifer Brown’s campaign staff urging them to vote for Ms. Brown for chair. We are told at least one has asked about 2018’s ballot shredding controversy and been told by the caller it didn’t happen.

Photo of Jennifer Brown Holding the Bag for the Shredded Ballots. Click to watch video clip of shredding

Let’s be clear up front. Yes, Ballots were shred. Yes, it happened without the ballots being verified, counted, audited, etc. at any follow up committee meeting after the primary was held. Yes, there is a video of the shredding. Yes, Jennifer Brown is plainly seen in the video holding the bag for the shredded ballots. You can view a portion of it HERE.

We have reviewed reports and facts surrounding the incident and are going to explain what happened and why so many are outraged by it.
**As this article is circulated, more witnesses to these events are coming forward and this article is being updated with respect to new information that is considered reliable. In this case we were told there was one meeting to address the recount and possible audit of materials. It appears there were two. No recount or audit happened at either meeting. The shredding of ballots happened at the second meeting. **

“In November 2018, 24th district state delegate Ben Cline was elected to the United States House of Representatives, triggering a special election for his state house seat. The local Republican party held a firehouse primary to choose their nominee. Rockbridge Supervisor Ronnie Campbell won the primary by a one-vote margin, defeating Amherst County Supervisor Jimmy Ayers and two other candidates”, According to Wikipedia.

According to a Bearing Drift article we reviewed, candidate Jimmy Ayers requested a recount. This seems reasonable to us as well as just about anyone we ask since the margin was one single vote. A Sunday meeting of the committee was held after the firehouse primary to address the recount and no recount happened, according to Bearing Drift.

Why do so many believe this was wrong and others claim it was done to cover up fraud? It is alleged there were numerous voting irregularities and rules not followed at various locations where the voting took place and many attended the Sunday meeting expecting to see or participate in auditing the results for accuracy. We are told the ballots were shred without that audit taking place.

If Jennifer Brown didn’t have direct legal control over the proceedings, why is she being affected by this controversy? Well, she is seen in the video holding the bag for the shredded ballots. She is also seen on the phone allegedly communicating to someone about the success of stopping the any review of election materials and no one we could find in attendance says she advocated for auditing the results at any time. Her participation is why many call her the “bag lady.” It is alleged Ms. Brown didn’t want a recount to happen because the initial result was the one she preferred.

We believe this entire situation is a travesty and should never be allowed to happen in the Republican Party, but it did and Ms. Brown is clearly seen in the video participating. According to an article in The Northern Virginia Daily by Max Thornberry, “The Republican Women of Shenandoah County passed a resolution of no confidence” in Jennifer Brown In March of 2019

If our hero Ronnie were here, what would he say? Perhaps he would ask:
Where is the bag with the shredded ballots?
Who likes puzzles?
Anyone have a lot of tape?